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Screen / Glass Repair

Screen / Glass Repair

  • GrandErie cuts and replaces glass and screens for your residential windows.

  • We service PVC, wood, aluminum-clad, and other window types as well as carry a variety of screen frames for all types of windows and patio doors. We can also build custom screen sizes and special order insulated glass panes.

  • And, if we don’t have it in stock, we can order it for you too! 

Paint Disposal

Paint Disposal

  • GrandErie is an official Non-Municipal Paint Collection site.

  • Simply bring in old residential paint products and drop them off at our Paint Desk for FREE!

  • Products must be residential paint products, less than 25L in an identifiable, labeled, and sealed container

Pipe Threading

Pipe Threading

  • GrandErie can thread 1/2" or 1" black and galvanized pipe

  • We have standard lengths of pipe in stock but if you need an odd length, we can cut and thread it too.

Welding & Gases

Linde (Praxair) Gas Depot

  • GrandErie is your local Linde (formerly Praxair) gas depot, providing various gases, such as Argon, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Helium, and more, for our local rural and commercial customers. Simply set up an account as an individual or a business with Linde through our GrandErie Farm & Country service desk. 

Linde Gas Leasing Programs:

Various cylinder sizes are available for lease. Set up an account to begin exchanging your empty Linde cylinders for a full cylinder and pay only for the gas.

Please Note: We do not offer BBQ Propane tank exchanges or refills. 

Praxair Gas Depot.jpg
Key Cutting

Key Cutting

  • GrandErie can cut copies for most keys, except for keys with transponders or chips inside as they must be duplicated by the dealer or a qualified locksmith.

  • We have a big selection of blanks and many specialty keys for residential and commercial locks, such as trailers, homes and barns.

Bottled Water / Refill Station

Bottled Water
  • GrandErie uses the Purely Natural System for its bottled water program, a leading self-serve water dispenser of water and bottle accessories throughout Canada.

  • The regular price at our water station is $3.95 per 18L, but if you sign up for one of our water plans below you can watch that savings puddle get really big, really fast!

Bottled Water Plans 

Screenshot of Water Signage.png
Here's How:
  1. Upon purchase, a water plan account is paid for and set up in your name.

  2. As you pick up water, your account will be reduced by the liters taken

  3. There is no time limit on using your water account.

  4. Decide what you will do with all the money you've saved! 

Senior 65
200 L (145 + 55 FREE)
110 L (100 + 10 FREE)
240 L (200 + 40 FREE)
500 L (400 + 100 FREE)
1000 L (750 + 250 FREE)
Special Orders

Special Orders

  • Looking for something not found on our shelves? We can order anything from the National Home Hardware website! We also offer custom orders, speak with an associate to help source supplier direct or speciality items. Some custom orders may require a deposit.

Shop Home Hardware Online Button.png
  • How will the driver know where to place it?
    Please define your drop location with an "X" using tape or lawn tools prior to delivery. Please ensure that there is approximately 9 feet of horizontal clearance and 16 feet of vertical clearance. We cannot go through gates, across lawns, over shrubs or fences, or into garages or car ports.
  • Can you deliver on the lawn, over the fence, or in the garage?
    We cannot go through gates, across lawns, over shrubs or fences, or into garages or car ports. We do not recommend placing your Tote on the lawn as over a period of time it will cause damage to the grass below. When selecting your location, please be conscious of other obstructions like wires, gates, AC units, etc. Our forklift trucks on the back of our delivery trucks require approximately 9 feet of horizontal clearance and 16 feet of vertical clearance.
  • Can I get an update on the delivery date and time?
    All of our deliveries will occur on Fridays, any time between 7:30 am and sun down. We cannot guarantee a set delivery time during the day. Your Tote will arrive the Friday after you placed the order unless you specified a certain Friday date in future weeks.
  • Can the driver call when they arrive?
    Our drivers cannot make phone calls upon arrival. Our drivers do their best to make each delivery as efficient as possible to ensure all of our customers receive their delivery within regular delivery hours. We ask that you define a clear drop location in detail and mark your preferred location with an "X" using tape or lawn tools.
  • What's included in the price?
    Our Tote bags start at $169.99. The prices include the material, tote bag and delivery. There is an additional $20 out of zone delivery fee for addresses in Zone 3 and beyond. Please see our delivery Zone map below.
  • They didn't place my Tote where I left an "X"?
    If your bag wasn't placed where you requested, please ensure that there was 9 feet of horizontal clearance and 16 feet of vertical clearance. Also, we cannot go through gates, over shrubs or fences, into garages or car ports. If your location was completely free from the requirements listed above, please call us at (905) 774-6115 to arrange a solution.
  • How do I return the Tote bag?
    You are welcome to return the Tote bag to GrandErie Home Hardware Building Centre. There is no return reimbursement.
  • Can you come and pick up the empty Tote?
    We only pick up empty Totes if we're delivery a new Tote bag to the exact same location.
  • I have a question not listed here.
    Give our store a call directly at (905) 774-6115 and we would be thrilled to answer your question or discuss your concern!



Home & Jobsite Delivery

How much will delivery cost? 
  • There's no delivery fee for orders over $2,000 *some conditions apply. 

  • Simply enter your address into the search bar on the map below and it will calculate the delivery fee from our location to your door.  

Delivery truck.png
2024_Delivery Areas and Prices.jpg

Farm Feed & Supply Delivery

  • Every Wednesday we deliver to our GrandErie farmers! Anything over $200 is free delivery, as are some weekly scheduled farm accounts. 

  • To learn more, or arrange a weekly scheduled or one-time Wednesday delivery to your farm, please contact our Farm & Country Team by emailing or calling today.

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