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Hay Testing & 

Feed Analysis

Create the best feeding program for your farm with GrandErie.

Horse Grazing

Here's Deb

Deb Sutor

Horse & Feed Specialist



Interested in creating an optimal feeding program designed to improve the health, performance, and productivity of your horse(s)? Looking to balance the needs of your farm animals and your wallet? Book a complimentary farm visit with Deb, call or email today!


Curious about the quality of your hay? We offer hay testing and feed analysis services at GrandErie for $27 +HST. 

Oh, 'hay' there! Do you have good quality hay?

Ask Deb and find out in 3 easy steps!

Sample Hay Quality Report

Sample Hay Analysis.jpg

Am I providing my horses with an optimal feeding program?

Work with Deb to create the perfect feeding program designed to improve the health, performance and productivity of your horse(s)!


Deb's years of experience, partnered with our quality feed is a service worth neigh-ing about! 


Book a Farm Visit

To learn more or book an appointment with Deb, call (905) 774-6115 or fill out the form below!

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