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8 out of 10 chlorine customers are GrandErie farmers. 

Image by Lee Jeffs

Might seem like a funny place to put our spa, pool, and chlorine products information, however, we find that there are more farmers who use these products than pool owners. Or maybe that means more farmers own spas and pools than our local residents in town? Hmmm… we should do a survey on that. If we do, we’ll let you know the results. 

Leaf skimmers, toys, salts, PH up & down products, algaecides, alkalinity, test strips… for all your spa, pool, and chlorine needs, GrandErie has you covered. Our primary concern is to help you stay supplied with all the products that you need to keep your water clean, healthy, and above all, safe.

Have a hot tub? We carry many supplies including the popular Spa Marvel’s all-natural spa water treatment products that can reduce and eliminate the need for many of the chemicals used in traditional spa water care.

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Bulk Chlorine
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Bulk Chlorine

10L         Jug............... 11.99

               Refill.......... 7.99

20L        Jug............... 14.99

              Refill.......... 12.99 

Spill Tray................  2.00


Free Water Testing!

Bring in a sample of your pool water to have it tested for free. Once we know the results, you can depend on us to recommend the best products to balance your water.


Have a pond?

We also carry pond liners, cleaners, dye, and pumps!