Gas Depot

We will give you gas. Lots of it. We admit it. Actually we’re proud to be known for it. GrandErie is THE go to place in town for gas and welding products.


No matter what process you’re into, Praxair (http://www NULL.praxairdirect has the right welding and cutting gas for your operation, making a global leader, and the local choice for our rural and metal fabrication customers.

Retail/Cylinder Exchange Program

Own a cylinder? Exchange your empty for a full cylinder and pay only for the gas.
Don’t own a cylinder? Purchase a full cylinder now and exchange it when it’s empty. Larger size cylinders are also available for lease!

Metal Fabrication Gases and Welding Gases Supplied by Praxair:

Praxair Air (http://www NULL.praxairdirect  (http://www NULL.praxairdirect  (http://www NULL.praxairdirect

(http://www NULL.praxairdirect  (http://www NULL.praxairdirect  (http://www NULL.praxairdirect

GrandErie Home Hardware has Acetylene (http://www NULL.praxairdirect NULL.html)GrandErie Home Hardware has your argon (http://www NULL.praxairdirect


Contact our GrandErie Farm & Country team for more details on leasing contracts with Praxair.

Welding & Gases
Telephone: (905) 774-6115
Toll Free: 1-800-591-1161
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