We believe help really does begin at home.

Owners and staff are individual personal supporters and participators in local community events, fundraisers and concerns. We strive to make positive contributions in the community we serve and live in. However, it is only with your help – simply by shopping at our store – that GrandErie is proud to be able to support many local organizations, a few who are the Dunnville Christian School,  Dunnville Soccer Club, Dunnville Saddle Club, Dunnville Salvation Army and the Dunnville Arena.

thanks-emergency-support workers- 2012  Dunnville Salvation Army Food Drive Winter 2011  BBQ fundraisers spring summer fall 2012  Dunnville Lions Club fundraiser winter 2011

GrandErie is also honoured to be the location host for the Dunnville Lions Club Annual Christmas Tree Fundraiser, where your purchases make a difference to hundreds.

As co-ordinating organizer of a Saturday Spring/Summer/Fall BBQ fundraiser initiative that hosts to multiple  organizations (such as Dunnville Health Hospital Foundation, Youth Impact Centre, Dunnville Lioness’ Club and Haldimand Health Pregnancy Care Centre), GrandErie is thrilled to see so many customers buying their lunch and who are directly assisting local families in need.

In addition, the national network of Home Hardware is pleased to support the Special Olympics (/http://www NULL.specialolympics NULL.ca/), the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation (http://www NULL.sickkidsfoundation NULL.com) and the Tree Can (http://www NULL.treecanada NULL.ca)ada Foundation (http://www NULL.treecanada NULL.ca).

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