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What Is the Difference Between PhD and Doctoral Dissertations?

The main differences between candidate and doctoral work are the requirements for the author. To write a candidate's thesis, it is enough to have a higher education (not lower than a master's degree), and for a doctoral thesis, a scientist must have a PhD degree. To obtain admission to the defense of a Ph.D. thesis, the author must pass the "candidate's examinations" and obtain the appropriate certificate.

A doctoral dissertation is a work of a higher level, to which more stringent requirements are imposed. If the candidate’s research is designed to demonstrate the ability to choose the right topic, to pose a problem and find ways to solve it, to prove their effectiveness, then the doctoral research is many years of work, when writing which one dives into the topic to its very “bottom”, substantiates the need for reforms and their significance.

The results of a PhD thesis is aimed at optimizing a specific (private) object, and the results of a doctoral dissertation are extended to an industry or country, benefiting society as a whole.

Features of writing a doctoral dissertation

According to the “Regulations on the procedure for awarding academic degrees”, the doctoral dissertation should reflect the following elements: the author’s hypothesis (what the author intends to investigate), its scientific justification and specificity (evidence of his correctness), scientific achievement (that is, what the researcher proposes new and why it will lead to).

It is important that the problem posed be large-scale, contribute to the solution of a significant problem in the socio-cultural, political, legislative, cultural and other sectors. Among the main requirements for a doctoral dissertation are:

  • the author must submit the finished work to the HAC commission in the form of a manuscript, monograph or scientific report;

  • the study must be carried out independently;

  • the work should reflect new scientific results that can change not only the worldview of readers, but also the situation as a whole;

  • it is important to show the personal contribution of the researcher, the significance of the project;

  • all conclusions and recommendations of the author must be supported by a strong evidence base (only reliable and reasonable sources of information, fresh data are used), which confirms the originality and effectiveness of the proposed solutions to the problem.

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