Our GrandErie Team loves special ordersAs an independently owned rural business, GrandErie Farm & Country Home Hardware Building Centre offers more than what you see in the main national Home Hardware, Greenhawk, etc. catologues and flyers.

Order anything currently in distribution and shown in the National Home Hardware print and online catalogues (if its not already on our shelves), as well as thousands of items from independent supply partners of GrandErie.

How do I place a special order for an item you don’t normally stock?

Since what you’re looking for is probably as individual as you are, the best way for you to help us help you is to have a discussion with a member of our friendly GrandErie Team.

Just call or email or ask a dept manager, giving us as much information as you can. We’ll check for the item and advise you on availability, price, freight costs, expected delivery and other pertinent information.

What information do I need to place an order?

To special order an item, we need to know all sorts of important details including item name, detailed desciption (& any technical specifications), preferred brand name if known.

What do you mean by all special orders are “firm”?

Special orders may be items we don’t stock on a regular basis. This could mean the item cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged. So, after you’ve placed your special order, we may ask you for a method of payment before we initiate your order. Rest assured, you won’t be charged until the goods come in – and in good condition.

GrandErie has the timeHow long before my order arrives?

Depending on where we need to source your item, a special order may take two business days to eight weeks to arrive. Items often arrive very quickly however an unpredictable delay may crop up with almost any order:

  • The distributor might be out of stock.
  • Your order might be coming from an international source.
  • There may be a minimum order requirement, and we are accumulating other orders to meet that minimum.

If there is difficulty obtaining your item we notify you immediately.

GrandErie specializes in special ordersHow will I know when my special order has arrived?

Please ensure that we always have your current address and telephone numbers(s) and email addresses if applicable.

GrandErie staff will call or email to inform you when your special order arrives. If, after several attempts we’re unable to reach you, we’ll notify you by letter mail.

Of course, you are always welcome to call, email or visit the store to inquire about your order.

Contact GrandErie staff to get started on your special order today!

Special Orders
Telephone: (905) 774-6115
Toll Free: 1-800-591-1161
Email: shoponline@granderie.net
(with subject line “Attention Special Orders”)