Things getting a wee dull these days?

Come on in to GrandErie and we’ll have you feeling all sharp and excited to slice ‘n dice, and basically cut a swath through life again in no time!

Bring in your chef’s knife, carving knife, paring knives, steak knives, cheese knives, clipper blades, mower blades, scissors, spades, axes, saw, blades, chisels and more.

And at reasonable prices and with prompt turnaround times too!

Have something unique and wondering what else we can sharpen?  Is it a microplane, peeler, paper cutter, pizza cutter, mandoline blade, aesthetics tool, florist or medical tool? We can do those too.

Seems like we sharpen everything, doesn’t it?

Well,  perhaps not everything: there was this one fellow who came in last year wanting… well maybe that story is a tad too long for this page (better you ask Craig to spin you that yarn next time you pop in).

The moral of the story was to say that if you’re wondering if we can sharpen it, ask us!

No need to struggle on your own with a stone, a file and an online video instructor. No need to drive out of town either.

Contact us for a sharper, brighter tomorrow.


GrandErie Services 
Telephone: (905) 774-6115
(with subject line “Attention  Knife sharpening”)

Dunnville's GrandErie has sharpening services