Water PlansWater FAQ

GrandErie uses the Purely Natural System for its bottled water program, which has become a leading self-serve water dispenser of water and bottle accessories throughout Canada.

Running out of water is no fun. That’s why we are pleased to offer this service.

GrandErie is open six days a week, but we know not everyone can find the time to fill up during our business hours. That’s why we pleased to offer self-serve dispensers inside AND outside, so you can fill up anytime, day or night.

2 stations + 2 payment options = 4 Purely Natural ways to fill up!

Dunnville GrandErie Home Hardware has a 24 hour outside water bottle stationThe outside station is located to the left of our main GrandErie Home Hardware Building Centre entrance. Water plans are not applicable to this station.

The inside station is located to the left of our main GrandErie Home Hardware Building centre cashiers counter. All water plans need to use the inside station, during business hours.

Get Granderie’s best H2O at reasonable prices.

There are two easy ways to use our inside and outside water stations.

GrandErie has bottled water transfer stationsWater Program Plan holders:

  1. First set up your water plan account with staff at the main counter.  Upgrade anytime.
  2. Whenever you come in to fill up ( inside during business hours) tell staff how much water you will be filling up.
  3. Your records will be updated to show how much is left on the plan.
  4. Position your container into the dispenser.
  5. Select your desired amount.
  6. Press the buttons.
  7. Seal your container.

No plan? No problem! Cashiers can take your payment for the inside station or you can do a direct payment at the outside station:

  1. Position your container into the dispenser and adjust the nozzle height.
  2. Select your desired amount.
  3. Feed in your payment (machine accepts toonies, loonies, quarters, dimes).
  4. Press the buttons.
  5. Seal your container.



Bring in your own containers, or buy new ones from us when the time comes.

  • 5 & 3 gallon bulk bottles
  • 2 gallon refrigerator bottles
  • 1 gallon bottles
  • 500 ml and 1 litre mini bottles with pop-up sports caps

Let it flow or pump it up!

We stock traditional water cooler dispensers as well as manual & battery operated pumps:

  • Fast & Easy Water Dispensing
  • Can Be Used Anywhere
  • Fits 5 & 3 Gallon Bulk Bottles
  • No Bottle Lifting Necessary


Come in to GrandErie Farm & Country Home Hardware Building Centre and fill up on water today, or contact us for more information!