Hoping to make some fine feathered friends?

GrandErie has an extensive section of birdfeeders, seeds and accessories to help you entice – every local wildbird species.

We offer extensive lines from your favourite brands like Armstrong Milling seeds and feeders made by world reknown suppliers like PineBush and Droll Yankee to ensure you have quality products at reasonable prices!

Want to keep them coming back year after year throughout all four seasons? Use our handy dandy GrandErie Seed Guide.



Armstrong Milling, Scott’s and Home Hardware brands provide the best quality seeds at the best possible price:

Armstrong Milling recently released a line of specialty bird feeds that we think is very exciting! New blends of healthy and natural foods have been scientifically developed to attract and help sustain favourite species of bird.Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Finches, Chickadees, Grosbeaks, Juncos, Flickers, Cardinals…Do you have a specific bird you enjoy keeping an eye out for? Or maybe one you would like to see more often?If so, then you’ll want to check out this new product. Click here to see their new line up!
In recent years, consumers have found that the use of bird specific blends have benefits of their own. High-end products such as our Royal Jubilee™ line are favored by most birds, and deliver a waste-free product. Royal Jubilee™ also offers a line of suet (http://armstrongbirdfood NULL.com/wild-bird-seed/armstrong-suet/) products and bird bells (http://armstrongbirdfood NULL.com/wild-bird-seed/royal-jubilee-bird-bells/) .
(http://armstrongbirdfood NULL.com/wild-bird-seed/easy-pickens/)A collection of the most preferred seeds by wild birds, Easy Pickens™ are conveniently sized and priced, allowing the consumer to easily mix and enhance other seeds or premixed. blends.

(https://www NULL.wildbirdsuets NULL.com/products/)

Founded in 1986, C&S Suet, Squirrel and Wild Bird Feeding products & accessories (https://www NULL.wildbirdsuets NULL.com/products/) are a popular choice! They are committed to quality, unique and innovative feed and feeding accessories for wildlife.

GrandErie stocks Scotts Wild Bird Food

Scotts® can help you attract the widest variety of beautiful, musical birds so you can make a nature escape to your own backyard.
Marks Choice bird seed products are available exclusively at Home Hardware stores across Canada, and are chosen for their premium quality.


GrandErie has feeders galore too, including some of the best:

(http://www NULL.pbhomegarden NULL.com/)


Distributor of a complete bird feeder line in addition to proudly offering the Chapelwood Wildlife Care brand!




GrandErie has a section dedicated to Droll Yankee products

Lifetime Warranty: Droll Yankees will replace any defective part*, free of charge, for as long as you own your Droll Yankees feeder!

Read all the details by visiting their website (http://drollyankees NULL.com/lifetime-warranty/).

In addition to a large Droll Yankee line of feeders, we have squirrel deterring flippers, dippers, whippers and tippers (http://drollyankees NULL.com/product-category/squirrel-proof-bird-feeders/)!   Watch this quick video to see for yourself out how the Droll Yankee Flipper works:

Wild bird feeding and watching is something the whole family can enjoy too: Birdfeeder craft courtesy of Armstrong Milling

Come in or contact your GrandErie Farm & country team today for a yard full of sweet calls – and antics – of wild birds tomorrow.

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