Eight out of ten chlorine customers are GrandErie farmers.

Might seem like a funny place to put our pool and chlorine products information, however we find that there are more farmers who use these products than pool owners.

Might that mean more farmers own pools than our local residents in town? Hmmm… we should do a survey on that. If we do, we’ll let you know the results.

One thing is for sure:

Pool owners love coming to GrandErie!

Leaf skimmers, toys, salts, ph up & down products, algecides, alkalinty test strips… for all your pool and chlorine needs, GrandErie has you covered.

Our primary concern is to help you stay supplied with all the products what you need to keep your water clear, healthy -and above all-  safe.

Bulk Chlorine

If  you have the jugs, we have the chlorine. Actually, if we have the jugs too. But its okay to bring your own. Just make sure they weren’t used for anything else, and they don’t leak.. and they are government approved.

Bring in a sample to have your water tested for free.

And once we know the results, you can depend on us to recommend what is best to get things in balance.

We have all the popular brands and products you could think of! Knowledgeable and experienced, your GrandErie Farm & Country Team are available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Contact your GrandErie Farm & Country team today for more information regarding your pool and chlorine needs.