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As your local Greenhawk we’re commited to meeting all of your equine needs! Whether you pop in to pick it up in our store or place a special order, we have everything you need.

Check out all the great products GrandErie Greenhawk department has to offer:

Apparel (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=172&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Encompassing a large variety of show, casual and outdoor apparel, we’re able to provide you with optimal comfort and style for your everyday needs. Whether you are at a horse show or lounging around the house or barn, Greenhawk is able to allow for a wide range of various weather conditioning apparel pieces as well as various accessories that you will fall in love with.
462826 Greenhawk_GRO1008 supra super whisker dandy brushGrooming (https://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=333&strListType=ItemList)  Your horse should always look its best! Maintenance and care is never an issue when selecting from Greenhawk’s substantial array of grooming supplies that will help provide you and your equine friend with the latest in grooming supplies and tools.
Equine Health Care (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=256&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Equine health and safety is important, which is why Greenhawk is able to provide you with everything that you need to ensure the health and comfort of your horse.
Tack & Equipment (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=436&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Providing you with the latest brands and features Greenhawk is able to supply you and your horse with all of the latest tack and equipment that you will need for both the show ring and in barn use.
Stable Equipment (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=407&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)   Supplying an array of stable equipment Greenhawk is able to provide you will an array of stable supplies that will allow you to clean, organize and decorate in a fun and efficient manner.
Equine Wear (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=277&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Your horse’s comfort and safety is our pleasure with Greenhawk’s supply of equine wear that will allow your horse to stay comfortable in various weather conditions and protected throughout their daily activities
Giftware (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=306&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Unsure of what to buy that special someone? Greenhawk offers a variety of horse-themed gift ideas for not only others but yourself that can be used for any occasion.
Racing (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebDeptList NULL.asp?strilhID=Web&intwgID=379&intwdID=-1&intwtID=-1&strListType=ItemList)  Offering a substantial supply of equine necessities in both the standardbred and thoroughbred disciplines, Greenhawk is able to provide you with all of your racing equipment necessities and accessories for both horse and rider.
Last Call on Super Sale Items (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebGroupList NULL.asp?strilhID=Clearance)  This is your last chance to take advantage of some of the amazing apparel products and equipment we are clearing out. Choose from some of the season’s best apparel pieces and equipment all at unbeatable prices! Stock, colours and sizes are limited. Happy Shopping!
New Products (http://greenhawk NULL.com/wdWebGroupList NULL.asp?strilhID=fpPromo2)  Introducing Greenhawk’s Summer Flyer! Loaded with new and fantastic product, our Summer flyer will have you turning the pages and wanting more! Check out the fantastic array of new products we have available including new Carli and Lauren breeches from Grand Prix and the ever popular Lettia collection.

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