We know the secret to getting chicks: It’s all in who you know! … and we know the right folks.

We are your local dealer for Frey’s Hatchery (http://www NULL.freyshatchery NULL.com)  and Pullets Plus (https://www NULL.pulletsplus NULL.com/store/hens-pullets/) .

Looking for day olds, ready to lay, white or brown egg layers, and/or meat birds? Want to add turkeys ducks pheasants and geese to the mix?

Delivery dates tend to book /sell out quick, so if you want to avoid disappointment, we suggest you do not wait to order.

We have a Chicken package to help you make an inofrmed decison before ordering:


PRINTED COPY Our Farm & Country counter has 2020 printed packages available.

EMAIL ~ We will be sending out an email to our 2019 Chick Days customers (who had given us their email address and requested this) with an updated 2020 Chicken package link as soon as we have confirmed our first Pullets Plus date.

As always, ordering must be done in advance – and suppliers still can only fill so many orders each year, so it’s a good idea to give us a call as soon as you decide on what and when you want… erm… what you want!

Frey’s Hatchery Ltd. (http://www NULL.freyshatchery NULL.com/) has been supplying small family farmers and hobby flock owners with chicks of the highest quality since 1946, raising the breeding flocks on family farms. You can expect many dates and choices. Order from us 5 wks in advance.

Pullets Plus offers White and Brown Ready to Lay pullets plus logohens. We will again have two delivery dates this year – with free shipping and no minimum orders! –  late April and mid June 2020

Already have the chicks but looking for supplies to keep your birds safe, secure and healthy? GrandErie has everything you need:

Agribrands Purina and other choice feeds to suit your poultry health, performance and budget needs:

  • agribrands-purina-logoThe Purinature Line (http://www NULL.agripurina NULL.ca/ag/en/species/backyard-poultry/index NULL.jsp) group of products from starter to finisher formulated with health and performance ingredients for chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks.

Golden Line (http://www NULL.agripurina NULL.ca/ag/en/species/backyard-poultry/index NULL.jsp) from starter to finish – for chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks –  is a non-medicated feed formulated with 100% vegetable protein.

  • Straw, shavings, a popular straw and shavings mix, plus medications, fencing and accessories and more


Come in person or contact our Farm & Country Team today to fill your yard with happy clucks (like this little hen and her gang of chicklettes) !

Links that may be of interest to you:

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MSU Cares Small Flock Management (http://msucares NULL.com/poultry/management/index NULL.html)

Some fun feathered facts you might find interesting:


  • Hens lay one egg a day. Approximately.
  • You can tell the color egg the hen will lay by the color of it’s earlobe.  White earlobe-white egg.  Red earlobe – brown, blue or green egg.
  • There is NO more nutritional value in a brown egg over the white egg.
  • It takes 21 days for an chick to hatch from the egg


  • The Turken (a very odd looking fellow) looks like a cross between a chicken & turkey because it’s neck is bare.  It is indeed a chicken.  It’s not possible for chicken & turkey to have offspring. It will never grow feathers on it’s neck.
  • Chicks use their “egg tooth” to peck it’s way out of the egg.  The egg tooth (found on the top of it’s beak) falls off within a few days after hatching.


  • Unlike popular belief, rooster can and will crow anytime of day.  Some rooster crow more than others.  Just like humans, some are more vocal.
  • A rooster must be present in the hen house to fertilize the eggs.  The eggs we purchase in the store have not been fertilized and therefore would never & could never produce chicks.

For more fun farm facts, just ask our team of chicken… er chicken experts at Farm & Country !