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The Equine Feed Industry has always been a very important part of GrandErie Farm & Country.

As a dealer of Tribute Horse Feeds (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds, we offer our customers a wide variety of feeds for the largest of equines to the smallest.

Tribute® Equine Nutrition was designed and approved by Ph.D. Equine nutritionists with decades of experience and knowledge developing state-of-the-art, innovative equine diets.

granderie_hh_is_a_tribute dealer-bagsTheir fixed formula products are based on the latest research and are manufactured under strict quality control standards. Tribute offers competitively priced products designed specifically for your horse(s), whether a backyard friend, broodmare, stallion, young and growing or performance horse, from show ring to elite race horse.

Determine your horse type (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds to see which line of feed and feeding chart (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds is recommended for your horse.


Click on each product for Tribute`s  product reference sheet

  • Essential K (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • K Finish (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Solutions 14 (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Tribute EZ Pelleted (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds (similar to Kalm ‘N EZ)
  • Horse Forage Extender Pellets (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Tribute Performer (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds (similar to Kalm Performer)
  • Tribute Tough to Beet (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Tribute 14% Senior Textured (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Performance Advantage (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • 16% Growth Textured (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds
  • Tribute Ultra (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds (similar to Kalm Ultra)

Not sure which product you need? Use Tribute’s feed finder to find the right nutrition product for your horse. (http://www NULL.tributehorsefeeds

New to the world of horse feeds. or thinking about switching to a different feed type? Come in to GrandErie today to see a sample of feed and talk over your needs with our Farm & Country Team today!