Would you like some fly bait with that?

Our Farm & Country team knows what local farmers are experiencing because some of us are farmers too. And that’s why GrandErie partners with popular brand companies to supply you with the best possible products for our neck of the woods.

In addition to pet foodslivestock feeds, pool & chlorine products, and fencing supplies, GrandErie Farm & Country Department carries:

• Salt & Agri
• Diatonmaceous Earth
• Stall Dry
• Shavings – Flaked Bales
• Wood Pellets
• Straw Bedding
• Water Softener Salts
• Livestock Salts- Loose & Blocks
• Agricultural Lime
• Hydrated Spray Lime
• Beet Pulp Pellets & Shredded
• Baler Twine (seasonal)
• Dry Molasses
• Pasture Seed
• Fly Control
• Rodent Control
• Parasite Control

Knowledgeable and experienced, your GrandErie Farm & Country Team are available to assist you with any questions or concerns.

Contact our farm team today for more information regarding your farm and country needs.

Agricultural  Products
Telephone: (905) 774-6115
Toll Free: 1-800-591-1161
Email: farm@granderie.net
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