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Appliance Parts – Chimes – Conduit – Extension Cords – Fans – Flashlight & Batteries – Fuses – Grounding Rods – Light Bulb Acc – Light Bulbs – Light Fixtures – Tape – Timers – Tools/Testers – Wire- Wiring Devices ….

There are oodles of products that you might need to get powered up safely, and GrandErie Home Hardware has everything you need for inside and outside farm, residential and commercial uses.



GrandErie has your favourite electrical brandsWhen you need to shed some light on your life, think of GrandErie Home Hardware first.




Not sure what’s best for you? Search our online catalogue for the best electrical products to do the job, or contact our GrandErie Electrical Team today for the answers you’re looking for .. and an absolutely electric tomorrow.

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Sales & Service
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