1989 – Armstrong Milling opens a feed store at 205 South Cayuga Street in Dunnville.

1993 – Henry DeKlerk becomes a partner and GrandErie Ltd is started.

1996 – Bert Mulder becomes third partner.

1996 – Home Hardware purchased by Grand Erie Ltd.

1999 – Broad St. properties purchased for relocation of Home Hardware business.

2008 & 2009 – Business products and services expanded to include a Lumber Building Centre.

2009 – Greenhawk equine equipment and supplies added to list of offered products.

2010 – Grand Opening of new location, combining  Farm & Country, Home Hardware and lumber warehouse services and products.

2010 – Old South Cayuga Street location of Farm & Country now exclusively Grand Country Garden Gallery.

2012 – Retail floor space expands to 20,000 square feet, making room for additional store solutions to meet customer seasonal, plumbing, and kitchen needs.

2015 – Purchase of land adjacent to the back end of  Broad Street properties.

2016 – Land clearing and site preparations begin at Broad Street.

2016 – Grand Country Garden Gallery closed for the season one last time at old South Cayuga street location.

2016 & 2017 – Indoor renovations completed over the winter,  increasing square footage and product selection in every department at GrandErie.  Walls moved back, warehouses converted to retail floor space, a second lumber warehouse with yard & bulk pits, entrance, added/relocated or enlarged, and the full size Garden Centre greenhouses ranges, outbuildings and parking continues.

2017 – GrandErie Garden Centre opens at our Broad Street location, increasing its seasonal offerings to having live plants year round.

2017 – GrandErie adds live plant / decor workshops to its customer service offerings.

2018 – GrandErie celebrated our 25th anniversary!

2019 – In partnership with William and Valerie Blyleven, GrandErie Ltd. team opens Garden City Home Hardware in St. Catharines.

2020 – In partnership with Harvey Armstrong Ltd., GrandErie Ltd. team opens Armstrong’s Home Hardare in Binbrook.