Can’t get any simpler than free right?


So say you were looking for that new puppet that’s all the rave and your neice just HAS to have. It might be a special order, but -with your help on the details- we’ll find it and tell you how much to get it into your neice’s hot little hands, and how long it will take to get it in .

You want to build an authentic outhouse for the visiting in-laws? Actually, we can save you some time because we usually have those prebuilt and ready to deliver – but sure, if you have the plans then we’ll tell you everything you need and how much to buy it all. And yes, the estimate is free.

Need to create an underground bunker in the back forty? No questions will be asked (out loud) on why… and your estimate is free.

If you wanted an estimate on how much it would cost to have our lumber team put together the materials and supplies so you can build yourself your very own life sized one horn, one eyed purple people eater to plunk on the front lawn?  We won’t bat an eye (it might twitch a wee bit though). And it’s still free.

So go ahead. Your turn.

Contact the department manager of your choice today or – if you are not sure which department you need – get in touch with the main store for estimates you can use with confidence tomorrow.

* – just so we are clear, free means free. Bet you thought we were going to say limitations apply. Actually they do in a way, because you’ll be expected to know some important details, and you’ll need to be serious. Then again, if you don’t know the details, and aren’t serious we’ll probably hand you over to Maureen for the estimate.  Which means you’ll still get that estimate- plus maybe a free belly laugh thrown in for good measure.  No known restrictions at this time. Conditions and limitations may be modified before updating takes place on our website though, and we reserve the right to change our minds at any time on this service, so you might want to check with staff. Unless it’s Maureen doing the estimate. Hers are always free.