Need help getting your farm & feed, lumber and building, or other store purchases from our location to your local home, business or job site?

We offer three types of delivery:

1.  Lumber, Building Materials, and Store product purchases of any type.

Whether we need a fork lift, golf cart, or a small brown paper bag to load your purchases into one of our small medium, large or EXTRA LARGE trucks, our GrandErie yard guys & drivers are happy to pack up and do your local delivery.

Better still, most orders over $1000 generally have no delivery fee. If it’s under that amount – well perhaps 999.98 will be free too – charges will vary depending on your location and what you need delivered (since a truck of pillows is different than one filled with patio stones, as is a paved road versus a bike rut on a bush trail).  Ask staff for details.

Check with our Department’s Customer Service counter  today to find out the details for your particular needs, or to arrange a delivery time and place.

2.  Farm feed and supplies 

Every Wednesday is delivery day to GrandErie farmers! Anything over $200 is free delivery,  as are some weekly scheduled farm accounts. Ask staff for details.

Contact our Farm & Country Team by emailing or calling 905-774-6115 to learn more, or arrange a one time or weekly scheduled Wednesday delivery to your farm.

3.  From the cash register to your vehicle

This type of delivery is free anytime, all the time! That’s right. No need to pack those purchases in your car, truck or van all by yourself.

Just ask for help at the time of your purchase and we’ll gladly page one of our strong and strapping GrandErie teammates to come lend a hand ( and some muscle), pronto!

Delivery Services 

Telephone: (905) 774-6115
Toll Free: 1-800-591-1161
(with subject line “Attention  Delivery “)