We really CAN help you do it all.

Well okay, they can’t control the weather you work in, or help you stop the customer from requesting just one more small change to your blueprints… or collect your outstanding invoice,  but they will help any way they can.

They can also ensure you have the best design and engineering assistance – as well as materials and tools to do the job at competitive prices.

When busy local contractors are approached to build a barn, construct a house, renovate a room – or create something ‘unique’ – one of their first calls is usually to our Contractor Team.

That’s because our Contractor / Sales & Service Team have the skills, knowledge, hands on experience, interest and industry contacts to help understand the full scope of a job, consult and quote the  job accurately, then help keep the project on track once you get it.

And of course they’re able to supply you with the right tools, quality materials and other support to complete your project successfully with complete customer satisfaction in mind.

Here’s a little bonus: Manager Pat Doyle thrives on challenge, so he’s happy to help you brainstorm through any of your last minute unforeseen surprises or difficulties,  no matter where – or who – they came from.

Oh, and this team will  deliver not only the goods to your job site, they can deliver expert consults of the major variety.  Maybe even for free.

Contact Pat with your RFQ today for a helping hand with puzzling out your plans of tomorrow.

Dunnville's GrandErie Contractors Dept \Manager

Pat Doyle,
Contractors Corner Dept Manager,
LBM Sales & Service
Telephone: (905) 774-6115
Toll Free: 1-800-591-1161
Contractors Fax: (905) 774-1578
Email: pat@granderie.net



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